Tips for Beginning a Long Distance Relationship

Tips for Beginning a Long Distance Relationship

You know that general rule where there is always an exception to a rule? Long distance relationships are no exception to that. These relationships are not for everyone because not a lot of us can stand being apart from the other.

Distance, this is just one of the main reasons why people avoid getting into a relationship. This is probably due to the belief that being separated from the person you love will be the start of a very complicated relationship, which will eventually end up at the end of it. However, is it really the general ending of what could have been the start of a happily ever after? No, it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way. A story could have multiple endings. We are the authors of our fate, we decide what ending we are going to have.

Getting into a long distance relationship is admittedly going to be much more difficult than those regular short distance ones. Obviously, the couple has to deal with the distance and everything that comes along with it like jealousy, paranoia, doubt, fears and etc. Luckily, long distance couples can now get the 411 on what to do when planning to get into a long distance relationship.

Tip #1. Get to know the other person. It’s not going to be a great feeling getting duped by another human being who is definitely just pretending to be someone they’re not. Long distance relationships are not bad things, but jumping in before looking at where you’re leaping is definitely an act of a fool.

Tip #2. Meet face-to-face. These days, meeting face-to-face doesn’t necessarily mean meeting in person. There are a lot of options to choose from in case you just can’t be there physically to do the meet ups. You’ve got Skype and Yahoo! Messenger to name a few.

If you do decide to meet up in person, choose a venue where there are lots of people. Also, choose a place that has proper ventilation where you guys can talk and see each other clearly. Remember, first impressions last and meeting for the first time is going to leave an imprint on a person’s mind.

Tip #3. Get to know their friends and family. If it is possible, it would be great to get to know the people who your special someone hangs around with. This way, you are going to prevent jealousy because by then, you would have already known who is who in their life. And getting to know their family would also give you a preview of what kind of person he or she is.

Tip #4. Know who to trust. You just can’t please everyone, we all know that. Expect that level of displeasure from people to increase greatly when you plan to get into a long distance relationship. As I said earlier, these kinds of relationships aren’t for everyone. There is always going to be those people who would disagree. Naturally, I’d say don’t listen to naysayers, but seeing that there are those people who have some sense in them and actually are concerned about you, take the time to listen to what they have to say. If you think they’re being unreasonable, by all means, don’t listen to them. But if they are just being helpful, think hard.

Good friends are hard to come by. It might be too late to get them back if you thwart them away when they were just there for you in the first place.

Sometimes we think the world of our long distance partners [] that we tend to forget to let our friends talk some sense into us. Sometimes the best long distance relationship advice [] come from those people who actually care. It’s not that they’re no experts in this kind of relationship we no longer have to listen to them, we still have to listen to what they have to say because they don’t want us to lose our heads to our hearts. At times our hearts cloud our minds that we don’t think straight.

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