Love Unfurls With A Legacy Of Death

Love Unfurls With A Legacy Of Death

Women are the symbol of strength. They are the powerful phoenix who can rise from their own ashes. They can fight with the world with strong mental stability. Until today, that beautiful typecast and the hardcore truth has not malformed. Our life shows different shades of battle, love, compromise, faith, and devotion but the last destination that remains the only magnanimous fact for a woman is to become an example of love to the world. She will be the weakness and she will be the strength of a person. It is in your hands whether you take her in positive or in a pessimistic aspect. Every coin has two sides, and so does a female’s personality. It is very wrong to judge her just because she wants to stay with someone perpetually and wants to own every single moment with her favourite person.

When she is in love, she sets him free. It can be a friend, a partner, parents, or her own self. We understand this but we also want that part which belongs to us alone. Loving a person or an animal are both different things but the emotion is the same. That is to offer the best things for them. Nevertheless, we expect something in return; we want that respect and acceptance in front of the world. If that does not happen our lives becomes disastrous. The world teaches us the age-old phrases of accepting and giving away everything to the one you cherish, but somewhere down the line, it is not true.

For instance, if a woman loves someone wholeheartedly but does not get that thing and within a stir of emotion she ends her life. What will be the reaction? People will blame terms on her or say she had a weak heart to give someone and could not protect what god gave her. I do not agree with these negative terms of suicide. It takes a great deal of courage to end this beautiful life where you have everything. When you have your dear ones to love you, or if you are a popular person than your hard-core fans write blood letters for you, it is never easy. You can set an example even by your death. I am not saying that you get determined to take the last exit. Death is a very innocuous and personal way to tell the world that you are not afraid of the generalities and you lived your life in your own way according to your rules. Not many people will agree to me on these points and I will not oppose them. Several mental physical and cultural chains are there to keep us in control.

Nevertheless, you find a stage where you do not care for anything else, but your fulfilment that comes when you leave everything aside. Have you heard of those lines called, “I romance with my death?” It shows the bravery of a person and the very positive attitude of a human being. You will spread your life for your loved ones and give them everything they want but when you think that there is one beautiful aspect that is built for you but is not attainable, than you can wait for it for your entire life or take a chance in the next birth. Women are wholly capable of doing this and they are not cowards. Life is a gift but it depends upon you how to use it and when to end it.

These are my personal beliefs and I do not stress you to agree with me. I wished to project a female perspective and wanted to focus on her inner strength. She is capable of drawing her own limitations, breaking her own rules, and living life as per her design.

The females are one beautiful creation of God. They are capable of doing almost anything in the world. She controls everything even her death. She chooses her time and day of saying the final goodbye and leaving behind a legacy of true love to her unknown partner.

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