Love Letter Tips For Long Distance Relationships

Love Letter Tips For Long Distance Relationships

People enter in long distance relationships for a variety of reasons, but the three main reasons are because of work, school, or military deployment. We all can agree that no matter the reason, long distance relationships are difficult and without proper communication between you and your partner it will be even more so.

When you write your love letter, as explained in Part I, you should include lots of detail. This requires a dictionary, or you can type words you know and view the synonym in Microsoft Word. Using words that you would not normally use makes the letter more magical and meaningful to your partner. Instead of saying “I feel so good around you,” try: “When I am in your presence my senses are overwhelmed with pleasure.”

These techniques only require a little imagination and a dictionary. I guarantee that if you transform your normal vocabulary into something heart-felt you will touch the heart of your partner.
I am including some examples of love letters that I have written below to give you some ideas of what you could write:

Today, like every day, I woke up thinking about you and our love – then I looked at our picture and felt the happiness these things bring.

I know I don’t tell you enough, but you’re absolutely wonderful. I really wish I could find a word that best describes you – but I can’t. You’re just amazing. I love you for being the crazy beautiful person that you are.

I sit here just thinking of you, me, us – and the wonderful times we have ahead of us. We give each other the strength, courage, and endurance to face any challenge through the wonderful bond of love we share.

These are a few examples of what you can write to make the eyes of your loved one light up and truly feel the love you have for them in a letter. Words are powerful things, and you can use them to your advantage. I urge you to write your love letters physically and not in an e-mail.

Being able to touch the letter that you yourself have written is something your partner will enjoy. I keep a box of the letters that I have received from my partner and when I am feeling lonely I take them out and read them. It’s an amazing feeling to know that your partner is feeling the same way, because you feel so connected even 5000 miles away.

If you start having “writers block” as soon as you grab a pen and paper, just relax. Instead of having the intent to write a letter, just sit down and look at some photos or videos of you and your partner. Write down single words, feelings, funny things you remember saying or doing and start from there. This will get your creative juices flowing, and it will be much easier to write your love letter from there.

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