Long Distance Relationships How to Survive and Strengthen Them

Long Distance Relationships How to Survive and Strengthen Them

Oftentimes you will hear people describing a long term relationship as a difficult challenge. Some may even consider it impossible but in reality there are couples who survive. You might be dealing with an intricate dilemma of missing your loved one and not being able to be physically with him or her. You might be questioning yourself if you have done the right decision of involving your emotions with someone who can never be beside you. However, you need not put doubts in your relationship. If you love the person, there is nothing impossible. There are many tips on long distance relationships that can help you keep the fire of your love burning for each other.

Just like any relationships, having a long distance affair works just the same. It can grow and bloom or die a natural death depending on how the couple handles and takes care of it. Here are pointers that will help your love grow even if you are not physically together.

Tip on long distance relationship #1: Set the right expectations

It would be healthy to have a give and take relationship. In order to settle your indifferences, it would be best to see your relationship on the same point of view. Make an agreement and closure on what to expect so that there would be less disappointments.

Tip on long distance relationship #2: Keep an open communication

By being open with what you feel with each other, you will be ale to build trust. If you trust your partner, nothing would go wrong. Do not hesitate to honestly tell your loved one about what you feel. You also have to listen to what your partner feels.

Tip on long distance relationship #3: Take advantage of the latest technology

Although you cannot be with each other physically, there are so many activities that you can do together. Aside from texting and long distance phone calls which have high charges, you can make use of internet to manage your distance. You can send electronic mails and instant messaging services. In addition to that, you can also see each other with the use of a web cam.

Tip on long distance relationship #4: Record all the social activities that you spend with your friends and family

Even if your partner is away, he or she would definitely want to know all your whereabouts. This would also be helpful so that he or she will never miss even a single event that happened when he or she was away. There are already numerous social sites that allow you to post videos. You can use these in order to let her watch what you have recorded.

Tip on long distance relationship #5: Be creative and thoughtful

It might be tiring for both of you if you do the same activities over and over again. There are lots of online activities that you can enjoy together. You can play games together or watch a movie just like a virtual movie date. Always let your partner feel that you are always thinking of him or her.

These tips on long distance relationship would definitely help you in conquering your doubts and hesitation about your love. No matter how far you are from each other, you will be able to survive the challenge if you just hold on.

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