How to Survive A Long Distance Relationship

How to Survive A Long Distance Relationship

Staying in love is challenging enough without added complications. A relationship is put to the test when a couple is separated for a time (with miles of land or oceans in between).

The question on how to survive a long distance relationship may be foremost in the couple’s worried minds. Both man and woman are probably filled with personal fears – of love waning and of possible lies untold. Carrying on a long distance love affair entails sacrifices and a lot of understanding. It would be difficult to keep what you can’t manage. Trusting your partner is key. A list of tips are provided below on handling such a situation —

Tip #1: Write

Keep each other abreast with what’s happening on your side of the world. Writing can be the perfect outlet to release frustrations and deep feelings. You can write just about anything. Write about your work, write about the weather, write about your day and write about your plans.

Beyond snail mail, you now have the option of sending your messages through other ways as: email, Facebook, Twitter and other virtual tools.

Tip #2: Call

How to survive a long distance relationship? Schedule time to speak with each other. Beyond traditional phone lines, use other cost-effective technology tools as Skype. In this case, you need only to have: a PC, internet connection and Skype account. Having this option is especially important when you want to personally greet your significant other on her birthday or your anniversary. No matter where you are, you can simply log-on, connect and communicate.

Tip #3: Send Photos and Videos

You will both want to know how the other is faring away from home. Invest in a good digital camera. Upload and share your normal days and special events. Keep your partner interested in your activities as you share them in pictures or videos. Make her laugh or cry as you narrate a recent happening. She can play the video back again and again if she misses you. She can browse through your photos when she needs to remember.

Tip #4: Visit

If your work allows you to go on leave, do so. Time it when a special occasion is about to take place, such as Christmas or Valentine’s Day. Surprise her with your visit. Bring a gift from home that she is sure to appreciate. Refrain from sad discussions when together. Enjoy each other’s physical company when you can. During the limited time you have together, share memories to last you until the next visit.

Tip #5: Move

The best solution to surviving a long distance relationship is to move where she’s at. If living without her is torture, why stay away? Pop the question, make her yours. Take the next step in your relationship. If you are headed there anyway then what are you waiting for? You may or may not lose her – but why gamble?

How to survive a long distance relationship takes a lot of effort. You can and will make the effort if your feelings are real. You can and will make sound decisions to keep your love alive.

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