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Learn the Essence of the 5 Love Languages

Learn the Essence of the 5 Love Languages

Love is a very powerful thing and conveying the language of love is easier said than done. Are you willing to go through all that? Would you desire to learn and connect with people and set up strong and reliable linkages? Then the 5 love languages can help you along the way.

What are the 5 love languages? There many ways to express love and its beauty. The more that people learn about love, the better. The five languages consists of Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, Receiving Gifts, Quality Time, and Physical Touch.

Let us learn these methods one by one. For the words of affirmation, it is a way for each and every one of us to appreciate the person’s work and sacrifices. Although it is not always common for us to appreciate the hardwork of others, this trait however can help in strengthening relationships.

The second language is the acts of service. This is the type of love that promotes actions. It does not linger of passive works but on active ones. Helping your family in cleaning out the garbage, washing the car, or even the plates are all simple acts of service but they render far more outcomes than you’ll ever know.

The third thing that is noted is receiving gifts. Gifts are often used to depict love in many ways. For many generations giving and receiving gifts are noted as actions of love and in displaying love.

The fourth one may seem unimportant but it is one of the most neglected act of all. Time is of the essence and time is gold but despite its importance and significance, our family and loved ones needed it the most. If you want to show your love to your family, you can do so through the act of rendering quality time with them. The purpose of this one is to show to your loved ones that they are important too and it can be manifested when you are sacrificing your time for them.

The last act of love or display of love is physical touch. It can be shown through hugging the people we love, giving respect and ensure the bond that has linked you both. For spouses, it is vital because it promotes trust and closeness, for families and children, it promotes safety and assurance of being loved.

Love has the power to transform and overcome each hurdle of any relationship and the 5 Love Languages are among the best tools to opt for if you aim on strengthens your family ties and relationships. Love can overcome any hurdle of indifference and insecurity, let the love that radiates within you be shared to all.

How to Survive A Long Distance Relationship

How to Survive A Long Distance Relationship

Staying in love is challenging enough without added complications. A relationship is put to the test when a couple is separated for a time (with miles of land or oceans in between).

The question on how to survive a long distance relationship may be foremost in the couple’s worried minds. Both man and woman are probably filled with personal fears – of love waning and of possible lies untold. Carrying on a long distance love affair entails sacrifices and a lot of understanding. It would be difficult to keep what you can’t manage. Trusting your partner is key. A list of tips are provided below on handling such a situation —

Tip #1: Write

Keep each other abreast with what’s happening on your side of the world. Writing can be the perfect outlet to release frustrations and deep feelings. You can write just about anything. Write about your work, write about the weather, write about your day and write about your plans.

Beyond snail mail, you now have the option of sending your messages through other ways as: email, Facebook, Twitter and other virtual tools.

Tip #2: Call

How to survive a long distance relationship? Schedule time to speak with each other. Beyond traditional phone lines, use other cost-effective technology tools as Skype. In this case, you need only to have: a PC, internet connection and Skype account. Having this option is especially important when you want to personally greet your significant other on her birthday or your anniversary. No matter where you are, you can simply log-on, connect and communicate.

Tip #3: Send Photos and Videos

You will both want to know how the other is faring away from home. Invest in a good digital camera. Upload and share your normal days and special events. Keep your partner interested in your activities as you share them in pictures or videos. Make her laugh or cry as you narrate a recent happening. She can play the video back again and again if she misses you. She can browse through your photos when she needs to remember.

Tip #4: Visit

If your work allows you to go on leave, do so. Time it when a special occasion is about to take place, such as Christmas or Valentine’s Day. Surprise her with your visit. Bring a gift from home that she is sure to appreciate. Refrain from sad discussions when together. Enjoy each other’s physical company when you can. During the limited time you have together, share memories to last you until the next visit.

Tip #5: Move

The best solution to surviving a long distance relationship is to move where she’s at. If living without her is torture, why stay away? Pop the question, make her yours. Take the next step in your relationship. If you are headed there anyway then what are you waiting for? You may or may not lose her – but why gamble?

How to survive a long distance relationship takes a lot of effort. You can and will make the effort if your feelings are real. You can and will make sound decisions to keep your love alive.

How to Maintain a Relationship With a Good Man

How to Maintain a Relationship With a Good Man

Every woman is looking for a man that is a good catch for her. She thinks of ways on how to keep her man. You may have been in this situation, or else you won’t be reading this article. To help you in your endeavors, here are ways on how to keep the relationship happy and strong with your man.

Feel and look your best. A way to help you keep your man is to always look your best. Be constant in doing that. Making yourself beautiful and attractive will make you feel better. It is also a way to get the guy to glance at your direction.

Develop a fashion sense Get rid of clothes that are not fashionable anymore. You can even give it away to charity with good intentions in mind and then go and buy new fashionable sexy clothes at the nearest store or somewhere where you can save a bunch.

Never be materialistic. Men would love to shower you with affection and offer you the world. By being married to you, it will be a lifetime habit of attempting to satisfy your every need and desire. Make it easy for him. Never be too materialistic. Simple needs would have simple problems and having such would be a simpler life. Having a simple life would be a way to keep your man.

Have fun at a party Give the impression that you are happy and contented when at a social event. Show him that you enjoy and do not need his assistance. Mingle and make new friends. This is a way to create an aura that you are elusive and it will attract him more to you.

Avoid calling him all the time. Let your guy be the one to call you. If he really wants you, he would exert effort by calling you. If the guy does not do so, then you better start thinking – it may be time to let go. There are many fishes in the ocean and you do not have to waste your time on him. It would be his loss anyway.

Show respect Having respect for one another is a trait that one must have in order to make a relationship work. It is not done by just saying it, but by actions. Make him feel that you enjoy the company of his friends or family. Although you don’t have to love them, at least do your best to make them feel respected. Don’t just stand there and be a wall flower. Learn to socialize, especially with him.

Be intelligent and independent. Bear in mind that not all things should be dependent on him. Even if you depend on his love, show him that he can depend on you in every way. In case something happened, life would continue to go on. It is not only your man that makes your world go round.

Relationships With Our Loved Ones

Relationships With Our Loved Ones

The extension of Love and Forgiveness is the only path to true and lasting happiness.

In order for anyone of us to truly be happy, we have to monitor our thoughts and the projection of our feelings to the people that we are interacting with. It is in our ego’s nature to see what we are thinking and feeling in those individuals that we are interacting with. We project our inner self to our loved ones, our friends and colleagues. So, if we fill ourselves with love and compassion, this will be all that we will extend to the people that we interacting with.

The following two quotes put this whole idea in perspective: “Love alone is capable of uniting living beings in such a way as to complete and fulfill them. It alone takes them and joins them by what is deepest in themselves.” By Pierre Teilbard de Chardin

“We do not love people so much for the good they have done us, as for the good we have done them.” By Leo Tolstoy

We live in illusion that we are separate from one another and this is the work of our egos. The ego (our counterfeit self) covers our loving and compassionate self. Each one of us is the essence of love, which is an extension of God. God is love and we are the children of God so our true self is Divine Nature. If we are to live a Spiritual and happy life, we need to extend nothing but love to everyone on this planet. It may sound altruistic but it is not. It requires that you monitor your thoughts and refrain from extending hate, anger, fear and any negative energy from your self. Remember that we came in to this world as pure love, so what happened to us after birth?

Unleashing the love within you will require that you monitor your thoughts and extend forgiveness. Holding on to negative energy will deprive you of your happiness. In order for us to experience true love, we must forgive and accept each other on in ongoing basis. The main function of love is to forgive. Love and happiness is within you and if you freely extend it, it will come back to you ten fold. When you hold on to anger and hate, the only person that it really hurts is yourself because most of the time the person that you are angry at doesn’t even think about you. While you fester and extend negative energy, this individual is living his or her life. As long as you think you are right in being angry and hateful towards another, you will continue to be unhappy. When you extend negative energy, you will get back negative energy. Learn to forgive and accept, your peace of mind and happiness will return.

For more information, please read the books: Mindful Loving by Henry Grayson and As a Man Thinketh by James Allen.
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Love Unfurls With A Legacy Of Death

Love Unfurls With A Legacy Of Death

Women are the symbol of strength. They are the powerful phoenix who can rise from their own ashes. They can fight with the world with strong mental stability. Until today, that beautiful typecast and the hardcore truth has not malformed. Our life shows different shades of battle, love, compromise, faith, and devotion but the last destination that remains the only magnanimous fact for a woman is to become an example of love to the world. She will be the weakness and she will be the strength of a person. It is in your hands whether you take her in positive or in a pessimistic aspect. Every coin has two sides, and so does a female’s personality. It is very wrong to judge her just because she wants to stay with someone perpetually and wants to own every single moment with her favourite person.

When she is in love, she sets him free. It can be a friend, a partner, parents, or her own self. We understand this but we also want that part which belongs to us alone. Loving a person or an animal are both different things but the emotion is the same. That is to offer the best things for them. Nevertheless, we expect something in return; we want that respect and acceptance in front of the world. If that does not happen our lives becomes disastrous. The world teaches us the age-old phrases of accepting and giving away everything to the one you cherish, but somewhere down the line, it is not true.

For instance, if a woman loves someone wholeheartedly but does not get that thing and within a stir of emotion she ends her life. What will be the reaction? People will blame terms on her or say she had a weak heart to give someone and could not protect what god gave her. I do not agree with these negative terms of suicide. It takes a great deal of courage to end this beautiful life where you have everything. When you have your dear ones to love you, or if you are a popular person than your hard-core fans write blood letters for you, it is never easy. You can set an example even by your death. I am not saying that you get determined to take the last exit. Death is a very innocuous and personal way to tell the world that you are not afraid of the generalities and you lived your life in your own way according to your rules. Not many people will agree to me on these points and I will not oppose them. Several mental physical and cultural chains are there to keep us in control.

Nevertheless, you find a stage where you do not care for anything else, but your fulfilment that comes when you leave everything aside. Have you heard of those lines called, “I romance with my death?” It shows the bravery of a person and the very positive attitude of a human being. You will spread your life for your loved ones and give them everything they want but when you think that there is one beautiful aspect that is built for you but is not attainable, than you can wait for it for your entire life or take a chance in the next birth. Women are wholly capable of doing this and they are not cowards. Life is a gift but it depends upon you how to use it and when to end it.

These are my personal beliefs and I do not stress you to agree with me. I wished to project a female perspective and wanted to focus on her inner strength. She is capable of drawing her own limitations, breaking her own rules, and living life as per her design.

The females are one beautiful creation of God. They are capable of doing almost anything in the world. She controls everything even her death. She chooses her time and day of saying the final goodbye and leaving behind a legacy of true love to her unknown partner.