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5 Tips For Successful Long Distance Relationships

5 Tips For Successful Long Distance Relationships

With the mushrooming of online dating sites where you will probably meet (and even fall in love) with a man who lives far away from you then the issue of long distance relationships becomes a concern for you. You wonder how you can successfully date over such a distance and what you can do to make sure that your relationship works. What are the tips for long distance relationships?

  1. Discuss your expectations. For any relationship to work you have to come to an understanding of what you are both giving and getting from the relationship. Is your long distance boyfriend allowed to casually date other women but tell you about them or is he supposed to date only you? Is he to be faithful to you and what does that faithfulness entail? As clearly as possible define what it is that you expect from him as nothing breaks a relationship like mismatched expectations that nobody talks about.
  2. Live life to the full. It is tempting to put your life on hold and just focus on him but you must continue living life on the full lane. Have a healthy interest in your hobbies and in improving yourself so that you are not always sitting at home missing your faraway boyfriend.

iii. Keep the negativity down. Long distance relationships require that the time you do spend together online or on the phone is memorable and positive. This does not mean that you pretend that all is well but it does mean that you want him to look forward to spending time with you and if all you say is negative then he will lose interest in you as a way of dealing with your negativity.

  1. Be yourself! Yes you may be tempted to Photoshop your whole life or to tell him things that are not totally true but if you want a long distance relationship that has a future then refrain from the lies. You don’t have to tell him all your faults (he will discover them soon enough) but don’t tell blatant lies either. Be as authentic as you possibly can be.
  2. Discuss THE deal breakers. For a long distance relationship to work then you must discuss what you both cannot tolerate in a each other and from each other so that you know where the relationship barriers are. This will let you decide if this is a price that you are willing to pay for this romance.

Long distance relationships have peculiar challenges that must be dealt with upfront so that you don’t waste each other’s time.

Stop Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places

Stop Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places

From our early teens we all have our own idea of what love is; the one thing that is not in conflict is everyone begins searching for it. Is there a method to the madness of chasing something that for many seems elusive? Are you one of those people who always seem to feel you have somehow landed or fallen for the wrong person, leaving you on the hurting end of love? There are some guidelines that do more than make sense.

1) If you don’t want a partner who drinks or parties, don’t go to a bar, nightclub or racy party to meet one. Confine your serious search to workplaces, local gatherings, restaurants and other random opportunities.

2) If cheaters don’t appeal to you, refuse to be involved with anyone who is cheating on someone else to be with you. If you attempt to fool yourself into believing they love you too much to do that, understand that is what their current partner thought. Cheaters cheat.

3) Hate deceitful people? Don’t gloss over untruthful statements your partner is inclined to make. They are not small white lies or offered for entertainment. They are lies. Liars lie. If you find yourself telling your friends your partner always tells you something that turns out to be less than truthful, you’re dating a liar.

4) Feel like you are being treated like you are second class? Accepting behavior that is less than caring and respectful is construed as your agreement to be treated as less than the King or Queen you deserve to be in your relationship. Never accept the idea that you are lucky to have your partner and therefore will tolerate less than you deserve. No one belongs on a pedestal that high. Find someone who meets you on equal ground and loves who you are.

5) Don’t settle for any long-term relationship with a person who is not capable and intent on seeing the very best in you and helping you see the same. Find someone you feel the same way about. Couples who uplift each other contribute to one another’s happiness and create lasting relationships.

One last thing; if you pay attention to people they will tell you who they are. People often voice their own weaknesses by stating how much they hate that attribute in others. They hate the reflection of their own weakness projected back at them.

People who are mistrustful may be less than trustworthy. We all judge our expectations of others by what we would do in a similar situation. Want to know if they will lie, steal or cheat? Listen to their assessment of the behavior they expect from someone else in a situation that would promote those things!

Tips For Long Distance Relationships

Tips For Long Distance Relationships

Long Distance Relationships work
When couples are separated geographically by a big distance it’s said that they are having a long distance relationship. There is a common belief that long distance relationships don’t work and while I am not completely against that belief, still I am not completely with it. The aim of this article is not to prove whether long distance relationships work or not, but its aim is to explain the problems that sometimes accompany long distance relationships from a psychological view point so that you could avoid these problems.

The Problem with Long Distance Relationships
In the psychology of convincing article I mentioned how the subconscious mind can be convinced to believe in something through repetition. The rule is simple,If you kept repeating a belief over and over you may eventually believe in it.

This rule works in relationships too; the more you see your partner the more you will become convinced that you will always be together (on the condition that you really love each other).
The problem with long distance relationships is that the couple don’t see each other for long periods of time to the extent that they sometimes experience weird feelings when they meet again. In this case both of them slowly lose intimacy and end up with separation.

The internet & Long distance Relationships
When the relationship starts through the internet without the couple seeing each other the problem becomes even bigger. Some relationships become solely based on the internet to the extent that each one of them doesn’t know how the other looks like. They fall in love, suffer from pain and even become depressed on break-ups without even seeing each other.

The biggest problem with an internet based relationship is that when the couple meet or see each other in the real world they may discover that they have made the completely wrong choice. This happens because of the violation of the subconscious criteria, which is a criterion each one has for his future partner. Since this criteria can’t be verified trough the internet the result is the termination of the relationship soon after the first meeting.

The internet is a good method to maintain your long distance relationship that already started when you were physically located together but it’s not a good place to start a new relationship.
Long distance Relationships Tips

If you want to maintain your long distance relationship you should stick to the following practices:

* See each other whenever you can, this prevents loss of intimacy

* Use a webcam instead of ordinary chatting

* Inform each other about every single event that is taking place in your lives

* Make sure that the long distance relationship is going to be a temporary and short period

* Make clear plans to live together as soon as you can

International Dating Secrets From Legendary Lovers

International Dating Secrets From Legendary Lovers

International dating scares some people because they fear getting stuck in a boring long distance relationship. Maybe you know you want to meet a foreign woman or foreign man but are not sure you are ready for marriage. Perhaps you have considered dating someone from another country while both of you continue living in your own land… but you would hate to have a lame relationship… just for the sake of being in one. Here are some expert tips from legendary lovers skilled in the art of international romance to help you keep the fires roaring… even when you are separated by thousands of miles of land and sea.

5- Tips From Legendary Lovers For Exciting Long Distance Love Affairs

  1. Plan ahead, even weeks in advance if necessary, to share in a quiet web cam date. Prepare a dinner, pick a movie or break out an old school board game you both enjoy. Plan to spend several hours alone, together over a web cam with no interruptions. Few things really say I Love You like taking the time to prepare a meal or block out time to share in conversation, laughter and time alone.
  2. Find little details that let your love know you have been thinking of them and you care for their needs. You can make cards or write them letters. Send meaningful gifts, or crafts you made or bought.  Pick something they will find special and send it via international postal delivery. You can create a slide show, digital album, sweet or funny videos and even a music mix of songs that express how much this person means to you.
  3. If you have a long day take 15 minutes and send your sweetheart a quick email or chat message. Let your relationship be like a spectacular garden of roses, the beauty grows with a little daily attention.
  4. Be excited and happy to see each other on line or when you receive a message. A relationship filled daily with some ecstasy erases the rough parts of the physical distance. Be bold and creative in uplifting each other’s spirits. Be sympathetic if your partner at times feels sad by the distance and be kind on yourself and your relationship when you feel the same sadness. Always leave things on a high note.
  5. Take each day to maintain part of the relationship in order. Do not let things become routine or boring. Take interest in what affects your lovers life. Make sure you share in each others passions and support one another. The Internet today has reduced the illusion of time and space. You can use online voice calls, free video, email, chat and much more to keep a constant bounce and shine to your international relationship.

International dating is very exciting and full of possibilities. Take your time and be sure to travel as often as you can to be with the love of your life or have them come visit you. After all the point of a relationship is to spend time at each others side.

Use the Internet to smash the barriers between you and be sure when you do see each other face-to-face the encounter is as romantic and enchanting as possible for both of you. You never know how long it will be till you are both in each other’s arms again.

Carlos Duran is a professional researcher and writer raised between New Jersey and New York during the crack era of the late 80’s and 90’s. He developed a passion for foreign women early in life. Carlos is inspired to help others find love and their soul-mate over the internet

How to Maintain Your Relationship With Sex

How to Maintain Your Relationship With Sex

People that build a relationship with someone they are interested will always think about sex or at least want to do it. In addition, there is the common fact that you cannot maintain your relationship with the person with no sex. On the other hand, you also cannot maintain your relationship without powerful sex.

There are some tips you can apply to make a great sexual life so you can keep your relationship with the one last long time. You have to show and communicate your feeling to your significant others, not only in words but also in verbal appreciation. By this way, you are caring about the needs and wants of your love.

The next step to make your lovemaking become the most important in your relationship is just playing around and doing things together to get fun. Do not wait until the amazing come to you because it needs long time, so both of you should come toward and make it. Doing something together also helps you to know each other, and then you create that intimate become deeper.

When it comes for both of you to make love, you should do make yourself and your partner in a good mood. The mood of happy will help you to make the ritual become a nice bedroom intercourse rather than a war. You will realize that sex is an intercourse that makes you feel good regarding yourself and your relationship.

Expressing your respect to your partner will help you build a valuable intercourse and keep your relationship. Pay attention to your partner while she or he is talking and try to give thoughtful reactions. It does not mean that you should agree and follow her or his mind, but when you understand what he or she said, your relationship is going well and fulfill what you try to look for.

How to Maintain a Relationship

How to Maintain a Relationship

Most couples struggle to keep a relationship. Love is not enough, as most people would disagree, but it takes more than being together, kissing and holding hands when you want to stay together. It takes hard work and compromise to grow as a couple to make the relationship stronger and a wall that you can lean on. Below are some easy tips on how to maintain a relationship and blissfully in love all the way! It’s actually pretty simple.

  • Communicate. Talking things over is always a great way to settle issues and solve problems. Never ever launch into a cold war — it’s going to eat the love away each day. Be open and listen to each other’s sentiments. Respect what the other is feeling and always find time to make-up. Keep a cool head during a confrontation and always try to make use of both your head and heart in trying to solve a problem. Forgive and forget. Just feel the love.
  • Give space. Trust is a very vital ingredient when it comes to relationship, and love cannot grow without it. Make some time to miss each other, it’s going to make each meeting more intense and full of love. Let your partner go out with their friends and go out with yours. It’s all about the balance. Grow individually to become stronger as a couple.
  • Express the love. Be generous when it comes to love. Kiss, cuddle, snuggle and hold hands. Tell your sweetheart how much you love them and take some time to be together to do something special. Discover new things everyday and be each other’s number one fan. Your utmost support will always make you not just lovers, but friends and allies for life.

If you want to learn more on how to maintain a relationship plus other tips and tactics to keep your relationship strong and healthy, visit my website and get a chance to access on my free information that has helped couples stay true and in love with each other up until this date